Hendricks Family | Family Shoot | Newlands Forest

What a great experience it was to photograph they Hendricks Family in the beautiful Newlands Forest. The coolest thing is that I actually met Lemiez (the mommy) about 15 months ago while she was pregnant at a corporate event that I photographed at the Fire and Ice Hotel in Cape Town. Little Zakariya was soooo cute and awesome to work with. What was awesome was to see the love that radiated from this family, and that makes what I so worth it.

And now, here is a sneak peek of the shoot. More images to follow.



Little Eldee and his family | Baptism| Brackenfell

How awesome to have been a part of this special day in the life of Eldee as his mom and dad brought him to the Lord as a sign of sanctification for the years to come. This baptism took place at the Protea Heights Dutch Reformed Church in  Brackenfell. As Eldee was baptised, the scripture of "See me and you shall find me" took to my heart and this is what I pray for him and his family

Here is a selection of some of the images as part of a sneak preview. Come back soon for the full post.Children baptism family shoot, western cape, brackenfell


Fourie Family shoot |Garden Route Botanical Gardens | George

What a great experience it was to have had the opportunity to photograph my lifelong friend, Johan, his beautiful wife Jolanie and their son Sion at the beautiful Garden Route Botanical Gardens  in George. I knew Johan from when I was only 6 months old and he was 7 months in the church and since then we have been friends for years. It truly was a great blessing to take these images with them.



Joshua's Mother and Son shoot | Green Point Urban Park | Cape Town

I have been privileged to have been given the chance to photograph some cute babies and toddlers since my photography journey. And Joshua was nooooo exception to it. He was the happiest, most content baby ever and the Green Point Urban Park was a great space for this little man to enjoy his shoot with his mother.



Johnson Family shoot | Wineberg Park | Wineberg you all is a big part of my life and the value of a family is immeasurable in my life. And I have had the opportunity to shoot this whole family and extended family during their family get-together at Wineberg Park. Everyone, young and old was there and here are some of the shots that stood out for me on the day.



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