Lizeth Mouton | Matric Farewell | Brackenfell

One thing that I will not forget about this session is this beautiful young lady Lizeth. At first…she was a bit shy (as all people are when they first meet me and my camera) but as the photographs started to be taken, I could see how she became relaxed and saw the real Lizeth. This was a great session and her boyfriend, JP, even went a step further and left his crutches that he had, due to him braking his ankle, behind and stood with Lizeth for the majority of the images that he was in. Well done JP! Anyway…these are some of the shots from that day.

IMG_0687 IMG_0701  IMG_0524IMG_0519IMG_0545IMG_0554IMG_0560IMG_0568IMG_0569IMG_0578IMG_0581IMG_0587IMG_0589IMG_0596IMG_0617IMG_0623IMG_0626IMG_0652IMG_0657-2IMG_0661IMG_0681

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